The 2006 Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards

Welcome to the first annual Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards, where I present “The Gnome” to those bloggers who have stood out as the best in the MMO blogosphere for the year. The competition was stiff, but somebody had to make these important choices. Read on to discover the winners of the 2006 Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards.

Best Developer Blog: This year we give the award to the best written, most frequently updated, and most relevant dev blog of the year: Broken Toys, home of Scott Jennings, formerly known as Lum the Mad. Tied for runners-up we have Raph Koster, who didn’t win because of his randomly interspersed non-game posts, and Psychochild, who is almost always relevant but doesn’t post as much as Lum.

Best Player Blog: More good commentary came from this individual than multiple other blogs combined. I give you the best player-written blog of the year: Van Hemlock. The first runner for this one was my friend Aggro Me, who could have won if he didn’t get a life last year and stop posting so much, and AFK Gamer got pretty close to the win.

Best Dev Bloglomerate: This award goes for the best blog-esque website that is written by a conglomerate of gaming professionals. This year goes to one of my favorite new blogs, even if it’s half magazine: The Escapist. The main competition here was Terra Nova, which has a decent dearth of compelling posts lately even with 16 writers. Creating Passionate Users was a contender too until I decided it might not be a blog.

Best Player Bloglomerate: We award the ultimate group of player bloggers with this distinguished award. Kill Ten Rats edges out the competition to take the cake for the best congregation of MMO players, followed by Faith, which will be considered a player blogomerate until they publish a game.

Best New Blog: Who’s the best new kid on the block? Mark Wahlberg, of course (yeah, he was seriously in that group before it got popular). The best new blog on the block award goes to Sierra Kilo, followed by Tattered Page and Lost Rambling (and a couple others… This was a tough one).

Best Carnival: The best Carnival of Gamers–a monthly festival that celebrates great game blog posts–goes to n3rfed, for the creative use of chat window screenshots. We’ll go ahead and give Slashdot the runner-up spot, because it linked to a number of good articles (even though it was probably the least pretty of all of them).

Best Podcast: There are a lot of good podcasts. In fact, I should probably create a link category so I can link some of the ones I listen to. This was a hard one to decide on, but I’m giving this to a podcast that both appears regularly and covers a broad range of relevant topics: Virgin Worlds. Hot on its heels is the podcast from the EQ2-Daily crew, who kick a lot of ass but cover a more concentrated range of topics.

Best Rant: Everyone loves a good rant. This award could go to the rant that was written the best, made me laugh the most, was the worst written rant ever, or any other random range of criteria I felt like defining. This will seem like favoritism, but I’m giving this to my boy Moorgard for “An Open Letter to Big Timmy’s Burger Place,” which accurate mocked almost every poorly written MMO rant ever.

Best anyuzer Impression: AKA Best Disappearing Act. It doesn’t go to the Cesspit, because Abalieno can’t stop posting. It doesn’t go to Plaguelands, because Krones pulled a ninja move and came back. Instead, it’s a tie between MMO Critic, which would have won best new blog if it still existed, and Mining for Fish, since Andrew disappeared without a trace.

That wraps up this year’s Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards. I look forward to more bloginati goodness in the coming year. Which blogs will disappear, and which will completely explode? How many times will Abalieno quit blogging this year? Will anyuzer come back? All questions that will be answered this year! Oh, and here’s The Gnome Award for you winners!

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