ESRB Partners With PTA

Good news! The ESRB (Electronic Software Rating Board) is partnering with the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) to help educate parents about game ratings, what they mean, and what we as an industry do to keep the right games out of the wrong hands. Hopefully this will go a long way in keeping misinformed politicians like Jack Thompson from trying to, basically, outlaw games. A ton more information can be found at the ESRB and PTA.

2 Responses to "ESRB Partners With PTA"

  1. Good to hear. If nothing else, at least Thompson will have fewer ignorant alarmists clamoring that we aren’t doing anything.

  2. Barx


    Although I’m sure Thompson could find a way to put the ESRB in a bad light for doing it. I hate that guy.

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