Dance Emotes Are Awesome

Dance emotes are important. It’s important not to limit yourself to just one /dance emote as well. The more the merrier, and the more hilarious, the better. This isn’t just important for in-game fun, but it’s tremendously important for out-of-game fun, not to mention it’s a wonderful marketing tool you can empower your players with. It’s the root of some of the best grassroots marketing I’ve ever seen related to massively multiplayer games.

Case in point, the World of Warcraft vs. Guild Wars dance video. It has millions of views, and it rocks. Other games like Star Wars Galaxies have a lot of popular dance videos as well, but games like EverQuest 2 that have only one dance emote don’t have as many popular dance videos (or as many popular game videos in general).

So, for those of you animators and engineers out there who would rather not making a bunch of awesome dance animations, please do for the sake of players everywhere, and for the sake of your game’s potential guerrilla marketability. Oh, and make at least some of them pretty hilarious to increase levity (and attract more people to make dance videos using your game).

And on a tangentially related note, I’d love to see some paired dance animations and palatial balls thrown in fantasy worlds. That would be fun (well, I wouldn’t directly have fun dancing, but I’d have a lot of fun making fun of the people who were).

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