MMO Rant #6: Why Learn from Others’ Mistakes…

… When I can make them myself?! Um, because you don’t deserve to be making games unless you learn from the mistakes of others. I’m tired of seeing mistakes repeatedly repeated. How many games have you played that had the same idiotic mistake that could have been avoided by looking at roughly any other game out there? Probably a few. Probably a bunch.

How many games have you seen launch with glaring errors in them? Buggy ass pieces of junk that should still be considered in beta and are played off as final products worth the discs they’re printed on. Haven’t we learned as an industry that we can’t get away with that anymore?

Sure, you could get away with it years ago when MMOs were babies and people didn’t have a dozen other viable options. People were more forgiving then.

How many games have you seen that incorporated heavy-handed mechanics that really don’t seem logical in the first place and end up creating far more player frustration than fun? Too many? I thought so. Sometimes it seems like companies are willing to sacrifice fun for their own control. Guess what players don’t want… you controlling everything and destroying their fun.

How many games have you seen with graphics that weren’t actually “good” but did require “uber machines of ultimate doom with optional sexbot mod” to even play at a respectable framerate? Technical requirements do not equal good graphics. Using new technologies the wrong way is a mistake that people have made so frequently it is starting to really cheese me off.

Learn to make a freaking game. Play other games. Play a lot of other games. Figure out what they did wrong and how to avoid doing so yourself. Holy crap, how novel. The next MMO company that I see making the same obvious mistakes as others before them will get a sticker from me that says, “Dumbass,” and a request that they stop making games that pollute the genre.

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