MMO Rant #7: Quests Suck

I love quests. When they don’t suck. Unfortunately for people like me who like quests that don’t suck, most quests in MMOs totally suck. They are uncreative and are only worth doing because they break up a little bit of the monotony of grinding the same mobs over and over, even though the quests specifically task you to grind the same mobs over and over for only a tiny amount more experience than you’d get by grinding them without the quest.

I love killing 10 rats for stage 1 of a quest, then killing 10 rats for stage 2 of a quest, then killing 10 rats for stage 3 of the quest. After all of that immense fun, assuming my mind isn’t blown from the sheer awesomeness of it, I also love getting a reward that is worth 1/25th of all those kills and gives me two slabs of edible rat meat that recover my health by 1/25th of my total HP when consumed. Holy effing crap the fun is blowing my mind just writing about it!

Imagine my surprise when, after completing the kill 10×3 rats quest, I get something even more spectacular… SOMEHOW! Holy mother of all that is for seriously holy, I get to kill… !!! 10×3 boars! I haven’t killed boars since the last 10 level range (and by the way, I am in the last 10 levels of the game so by now I completely enjoy the comfort of killing the same mobs over and over… Ryan don’t go on a rant about that yet). Frick I can hardly keep my pants on this is so amazingly splendid.

Okay, calm down… calm down. I understand why those craptastic quests exist. I get it, but they suck. You know what, I’ll even allow them to exist as long as you just use those crappy quests as distractions and focus on making really good quests instead. For every 10 pieces of junk there is a gem, and make it obvious which ones are crappy. Make them all come from one place, label them differently, SOMETHING to tell me that I don’t actually want to do the quest.

Have you ever heard the phrase “quality over quantity?” Me too, and I don’t know what it means. Still, though, the quantity of quality quests is so low that I nearly stub my toe on purpose just to have a little fun while playing games. Learn to make good quests. Get inspired. As an artist here at 38 Studios once said, “this shit comes in waves.” Sure it does, but you’re paid to be creative (designers), so you should be able to come up with a few badass quests or you should stop working on games. Love, Ryan.

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