Richard Bartle Is Smarter Than You

Richard Bartle is one of those industry luminaries who appears and disappears pretty randomly in the limelight. He’s in it right now. He did an awesome interview with Guardian Unlimited. While everyone keeps focusing on his comment about closing WoW for the sake of everyone else, my favorite answer of his was: “MUD has little that today’s virtual worlds don’t, but it lacks something they do have which makes it worth looking at: baggage.” He goes on to explain something that is all too true: designers need to learn WHY things are the way they are instead of mimicking norms because they are norms. E.G. Games have Classes for a good reason, and you need to understand that reason as a designer and decide if you want them, not just include Classes in a game because it’s the norm. Elsewhere: Bartle | Lum | Psychochild

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