Wrath of the Lich King Release Date

AKA GameStop is Hilarious. So, GameStop has World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King for sale now. They have the release date for the upcoming WoW expansion at 11/03/08 for $39.99. “What?” You might ask this question, like I did myself. It seems like they must have used dice and more than a little bit of voodoo to come up with this date and price. Well, apparently they did, and they explained how in a rather funny… explanation… on their site. Copied here after the fold since it’ll go away at some point.

Official price and release date have NOT been announced by Blizzard. In this case, the price and release date were determined by the GameStop e-commerce staff, (comprised of overpowered warlocks), using a combination of 6 and 20-sided die.

Important: If the price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you will receive the lower price. Woot! If the price increases you will be given the option to either pay the higher price or cancel your order. However, if the price increases by more than $1,000, many of us here at the corporate office plan to retire and purchase a small Caribbean island. You are welcome to visit us at any time. Please bring pizza, chocolate and cold beverages.

Note: We vehemently oppose β€œninja looting” therefore your credit card will NOT be charged until your order is processed for shipping. Pre-order now. Power to the players.

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