Raph Koster has finally unveiled what he’s working on. It’s exactly kinda like what I pretty much expected, somewhat. It follows along the lines of what I expected, anyway. User-generated content, RMT, Web 2.0. What I didn’t expect was how open the platform seems to be. Essentially, Metaplace appears to be a web-based platform (device ambiguous, including mobile) that can be used to create almost any scope of virtual world. Instead of the Second Life approach of one virtual world with many parts, it is many virtual worlds that can be accessed from one place. It is much better explained in this article, and on the (currently bogged down) Metaplace website. Congrats to Raph and company on the announcement!

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  1. I vote that we make a Bloginati Metaworld with doorways connecting to each. Like a Virtual World Webring where you can read posts from MMO bloggers in a shared space, making real-time comments with the other readers.

  2. R

    Congrats on an announcement?

    Maybe you should give him an award for the font he used.

  3. Travis

    Hrm…it’s not like you to forget Talk Like a Pirate Day…don’t tell me you have gone ninja on me.

  4. Narr!!! Apparently my TLaPD pre-post was just saved, not published. Damnit all! In consolation, here’s a brief bit of email that transpired at work yesterday:

    Nancy: “It be Talk Like a Pyrate Day so walk with care as ye traverse the deck of the Goode Ship Design! Greet Cap’n Shwayder with respect or he may make ye walk the plank!!”

    Captain Blackguard: “YARR!!! All I be seein’ is a deck full a’ addled bilge rats. Looks ta be but a few salty dogs in this here mix of landlubbers and failed Jack Tars. Fer me briny buckos, let us find fair winds and buxom beauties. All ye poxy dogs who dare oppose, prepare fer no quarter—walkin’ the plank is just the start of it, fer keelhaulin’ is me preferred form of punishment.”

    Oh, for shame. I also forgot to use my fancy pirate translator plug-in. Hmm… Perhaps it’s TLaPD today on Nerfbat.

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