Happy Anniversary Ultima Online!

I can’t believe I missed posting this yesterday. Ultima Online, arguably the first MMORPG, is officially 10 years old! It was September 25, 1997. I was in high school. My reign in Ultima Online officially began on the Atlantic server, and the populous would tremble before me. I’ve bored you with my UO musings before, so I won’t go into detail here. Instead, I will simply provide you with links to my nostalgic ramblings: Old School UO Nostalgia, True Sosarian Stories Part I, True Sosarian Stories Part II, True Sosarian Stories Part III. Happy anniversary, Ultima Online!

1 Response to "Happy Anniversary Ultima Online!"

  1. mrwuss

    I remember the day I got my ugly white beta CD for UO. I was amazed at the game play, the story and the fact that other people were playing the exact same game!!

    Those were the days,

    Getting excited about a whole new game type……and now we have WoW and nothing gives the ‘new factor’ any more.

    I’m sad now..

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