38 Studios Job: Art Director

38 Studios is currently seeking a talented and experienced Art Director to lead a team of top-notch artists in the creation of a next-gen title. The Art Director is responsible for the overall visual look of the project and coordinating and supervising the efforts of the artists to achieve that look. This person oversees the work by the concept artists, character artists, environmental artists, animators, cinematics, FX artists, and UI designers to ensure it all cohesively fits into a visually compelling game.


  • Work with Art Leads and Production to schedule and track centralized art efforts.
  • Facilitate communications to ensure all departments are working toward similar goals and addressing roadblocks.
  • Correlate and oversee the development and delivery of Marketing art.
  • Meet project deadlines/milestones as set by Production and studio management.
  • Recruit and hire artists.
  • Employ cost management skills and budget art team needs.


  • Minimum 6 years of applicable industry experience with at least one shipped product as Art Director.
  • Experience with Maya, Max, Photoshop, Xbrush, and various other tools and technologies necessary for creating AAA content.
  • Possess strong leadership skills to effectively delegate tasks and motivate team.
  • Firm grasp of all art disciplines–character, animation, environment FX, and UI–within technical limitations of game platforms.

Find out more and apply through the Jobs page at 38Studios.com.

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