PvP Done Right, by Scott Jennings

The designer formerly known as Lum the Mad has a wonderful volcanic eruption of a post up called How To Make A Game With ‘PvP Done Right.’ He makes a lot of great points, and I pretty much agree with all of what he says in there. It’s a great insight for many people, I’m sure, showing how any little decision you make will have repercussions, and designing a PvP system is like walking on a thin line that you might violently crash off into some endless void of suck. Come to think of it, designing anything for a game is pretty much like that. 😉 Anyway, check out his post. The main lines from each of his points are after the fold.

  • PvP should not be the focus of your entire game.
  • PvP should not be a random afterthought.
  • PvP players hate classes.
  • PvP players need classes.
  • PvP players detest grinding.
  • PvP players need some grinding.
  • PvP should not screw new players over.
  • PvP should screw over someone.
  • “You gotta keep ‘em separated.”
  • But not too separated.
  • In the endless player skill argument, you should assume your players don’t have any.
  • That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reward those players who do.
  • PvP players are angry and bitter, and will hate you.


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