38 Studios Welcomes Mike Kosenski

Welcome to the next bit of new (old) blood here at 38 Studios. Mike Kosenski, aka Capo aka Koko (he comes bearing nicknames. Sucks to be him), will be our Vice President of Product Development, which basically means he’s making us even more efficient and productive and helping us make a higher quality game in less time with minimal overtime and will keep all of us motivated and working together and hitting milestones. I wish my job were so easy. Press release stuff after the break.

38 Studios, a pioneering entertainment company dedicated to delivering a broad spectrum of immersive products, today announced that Michael Kosenski has been appointed Vice President of Product Development. Kosenski will oversee all aspects of the game development process, working closely with President and CEO Brett Close, Vice President of Creative Development Scott Cuthbertson, and CTO Jon Laff.

“Michael is one of the most highly respected and effective development forces in the video game industry,” Close said. “We are thrilled and honored to have him accept such a key position as we continue to build our incredible foundation of leadership. Michael will further enhance our ability to turn out AAA products across a complete range of entertainment platforms.”

Kosenski comes to 38 Studios from Electronic Arts Los Angeles, where he held the position of Senior Development Director across multiple award-winning franchises. He was a driving force behind the successful development of the world-renown Medal of Honor franchise and most recently completed Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars on Xbox 360, the most successful Command and Conquer launch ever. Kosenski also oversaw the technical and creative innovations that brought EALA’s Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 into the console market. Previously Michael worked at VR1/Jaleco, where he served as a producer on Nightcaster and as both producer and lead engineer on the massively multiplayer online title Nomads of Klanth (hosted on AOL’s Games Channel).

“Joining the team of Close, Schilling, Salvatore, and McFarlane is a very exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Kosenski. “Being chosen to lead the development of such a talented team on such an amazing IP is an honor. I look forward to helping 38 Studios continue to excel in both product development and in building an incredible team culture. I’m proud and excited to be a part of a company with such a great future.”

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