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So, over at he has a news item about his new WordPress theme. Once again, just like with his original site, Moorgard is taking all the credit away from the real web devs (me) and pasting his asinine footprint everywhere. In reality, I created the new theme with my blood, sweat, and tears (for I am the king of all developers).

I got a chuckle out of reading the comments on the article about how great his theme (MY theme) is. But some people are starting to get a clue about how Mr. Danuser operates after noticing its striking resemblance to my new theme duo. Hey everyone, he hasn’t changed in over 10 years – these are the kinds of jackass stunts he pulled at Mobhunter with his design there (when he copied my “use black and white” concept). Remember the bitch ad (see below)? Yeah. He also ranted (“Moorgard Files“) about anything and everything EverQuest. That was just the beginning of his madness.

It got much worse at BlogGard where he pretty much just partied all the time and after the whole thing got reined in by IGE he went underground for a while, waiting for his next victims so he could go hogwild all over again (ranting all willy-nilly). And thus was born

Thanks for stealing my theme, Moorgard. At least the world will know the depth of your idiocy (if anyone can dig that far) as you continue to pull stunts like this (but not like jumping over ravines and such).

For those who were wondering, this is the infamous bitch ad that he created without my approval:

Ryan Shwayder's About To Make You His Bitch

P.S. I have a really hot wife.

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