Welcome to the Redesigned Nerfbat!

It took more than a week to make, but you are now gazing upon the newly redesigned Nerfbat. The theme has two distinct styles: Light and Dark. The Light style uses a light background with dark text, and includes artwork from co-workers Scott Duquette and Billy Ahlswede. The Dark style uses a dark background with light text, and includes artwork from co-workers Joe Mirabello and Josh Singh. Visit the About section for links to the full images and their respective websites.

You can select your favorite of the two from the right-hand sidebar, otherwise it will rotate each day of the week. You can also select “None” and it will clear your cookie so it goes back to rotating.

So, where did I get this theme? Nowhere. I initially thought I would use K2 as my platform, but it’s too overcomplicated. So, I started from scratch and used the default theme (Kubrick) as reference. I made all of the 2D graphics, the layout, and did all the coding. It took quite some time given that I haven’t been a web developer for about 5 years since I got into the game industry and had to learn CSS/XHTML/etc. much better, not to mention how to make a theme for WordPress.

Additional thanks go out to OnyxRaven, oneplusone, the folks in #soleternum, and people in the forums for all of the feedback and help.

I hope you like the new theme. It’s intended to be leaner, meaner, and overall more awesome than the previous Scholar theme I used. I hope you enjoy at least one of the two variants of the themes, though I’ll probably make more as time permits. The forums may find their way to looking like the new theme assuming I can motivate myself to do it.

Please let me know what you think (and which of the two you plan to use), and enjoy the new design! P.S. If you find any bugs with it, let me know in the comments so I can get ’em squashed.

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