Danuser Posts Back

In George Oscar Bluth’s words: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Mr. Danuser needed to write a nice long letter to recount his version of the events surrounding both of our new themes and slam my personal life – way to go Steve! Reader manipulation at its saddest. It’s analogous to John Romero being called a “rockstar game developer” in the game industry’s media circus.

It’s ok guys – no need to continue this worthless fight and commentary. Steve emailed me and apologized for his response already.

But creating a theme and stealing/activating a theme are completely different things. Moorgard is ACTIVATING a web developer’s theme (mine), he didn’t create it. Web designers (me, which is my side job next to game design, community relations, and demi-godliness), on the other hand, actually code their own themes, design the layout, and even make the graphics. They’re (we’re) the guys with the ideas and the blood, sweat and tears putting in the work to make it all happen. Without the web developers there are no themes.

Without the activators (moochers and thieves like Danuser)……the web developers have a unique theme.

Oh yeah, approval process of bitch ad:

steve: hey, here’s the kickass ad my holiness commissioned – i think it’s great and we should use it
ryan: uh, i would never say that to someone “you’re my bitch” – that’s kinda happy
steve: don’t be unhappy! people will get it – it’s trashblogging.
ryan: ok, like, whatever *I flip my luxurious locks and get back to being a genius auteur*

Anyway, I think we’re both mature enough to end this flame war. I just wanna see the cool posts that Moorgard is gonna write.

… P.S. Danuser has no friends. Also, I am a scientist. Mother of crap I am awesome.

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