Okay, We Had Our Fun

It’s not often that I poke fun at people too directly here on Nerfbat, but the opportunity for cross-promotion was just too good for Moorgard and I to pass up. Our absurd bickering over the past day or so was completely fabricated and was intended to emulate the bickering between John Romero and Mike Wilson that occurred recently. I played the part of Romero, Danuser (a.k.a. Moorgard) played the part of Wilson.

Anyway, to recap, here are the 3 most pertinent posts of ours to check out if you weren’t paying attention to our immaturity:

  • [Nerfbat] Moortard’s Site Design: This was the opener after Moorgard claimed he made the theme. In reality, I made it and decided to let him use it too. That fake ad looks remotely like the bitch ad for Daikatana, in theory.
  • [Moorgard.com] Nerfcrap: Full of Lies!: Danuser picked up as Wilson with a brilliantly-executed open letter.
  • [Nerfbat] Danuser Posts Back: I included spoofs of Romero’s comments in this reply because I didn’t feel like posting those pieces in my comments. Lazy, I know.

That’s about it. Enjoy the new theme and the 2.5 versions of it (my Light and Dark and the Moorgard variant). Hopefully Nerfbat isn’t too slow–I had to disable wp-cache because it broke my style switcher on the right sidebar (where you can change from Light to Dark or change it back to alternate each day).

I may never be able to enable it again unless I can find some way to make caching AND the style switcher work. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears (for example, if there’s a nice way to switch entire WordPress themes with a drop-down and have it still work using cache). Back to your regularly scheduled program…

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