Tales from the Tavern: Volume V

The Tales from the Tavern series highlights great threads from the forums for those of you who don’t visit them frequently. While I’ve been working on the new Nerfbat theme and haven’t posted much of anything gaming-relevant on the site, the Nerfbat Forums have raged on with some great MMO discussion. Travel beyond the weir and enter the tavern for the latest tales…

  • Official Forums – Yea or Nay? Should companies provide official forums for their game? If so, which ones? Do official forums doom fansites? Started by Nybling
  • The Best of the Best? What MMO has the best PvE? The best PvP? The best Crafting? Started by Charles Gill
  • Star Trek Online – In Theory: With all the recent madness with STO, this was bound to be a hot topic. What do you think Star Trek Online should be? Do you think it will even come out? Started by jason
  • Interesting Approach to Moderation: Someone tried to automate the moderation of an IRC channel. Can any of this translate to reducing channel spam in MMOs? Started by jokeefe

There are a number of other active threads, but these were the new ones that really seemed to take off. Head on over to the Nerfbat Forums for intelligent discussion about massively multiplayer games.

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