Tales from the Tavern: Volume VI

There have been a lot of great discussions on the Nerfbat Forums. We’re up to 2523 posts and 253 members in our little MMO community. If you didn’t already know, the forums are intended for massively multiplayer online game discussion, especially related to design, development, and industry talk. Read on for some of the latest and greatest from the forums.

  • Poll: Classes vs. Skills: One of the great debates in the entire massively multiplayer realm. Do you like classes, skills, or something in between? Started by jason
  • Tales of your Exploits: Are you a big sploiter? Me too. Talk about some of your favorite shady MMO antics that you’ve participated in or heard of. Started by Blackguard
  • Crafting, Aesthetics, and Procedurally Generated Materials: Can procedurally generated materials look good? Would they add enough to the game to justify the system? Started by waldo
  • Subscription Rate: How much would YOU pay monthly for your favorite MMO? Will you pay more than $15/month if they raise it for WAR? Started by Nybling
  • Market Mature: With all the recent insanity about nudity in games, of course we were bound to talk about it. Will people ever respect video games with mature themes? Started by jason

That’s all for this edition of Tales from the Tavern. If you’re up for some mature discussion about MMO games, design, development, and the industry, head over to the Nerfbat Forums and sign up!

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