38 Studios Licenses BigWorld

We’ve made no secret at 38 Studios that we want to focus on creating a great game (codenamed “Copernicus”) rather than reinventing the technological wheel. As such, we’ve licensed the BigWorld engine as the foundation for our online platform. There’s an interview about the decision at Ten Ton Hammer, and the press release can be found after the jump.

38 Studios Licenses BigWorld Technology Suite
BigWorld Technology Suite to Provide Technical Foundation for Upcoming Original MMOG

February 26, 2008 – 38 Studios (www.38studios.com), a pioneering entertainment force delivering a broad spectrum of immersive products, today announced the company has entered into an agreement with BigWorld to license its BigWorld Technology Suite. The licensed engine will provide 38 Studios with the tools and technologies to support an unparalleled OEE™, (Online Entertainment Experience), for its upcoming massively multiplayer online game.

“BigWorld provides the most proven, robust and technically solid game engine and toolset available, while still allowing us to be flexible and tailor the technology specifically to our game,” said Jon Laff, 38 Studios’ Chief Technology Officer.

Led by the artistic vision of Todd McFarlane and the enthralling storytelling of R. A. Salvatore, 38 Studios is developing an original IP — a world made up of fantastical elements, settings, characters, creatures, rules, and experiences. The IP will encompass multiple media forms including the online game experience that is currently scheduled for release in late 2010.

“38 Studios is in a unique position in the MMOG market with an exciting project underway,” said Gavin Longhurst, Vice President of Business Development at BigWorld. “Our engine and toolset is very flexible, and allows them to use the technology in a very specific way that is ideal for long-term projects such as this. We are thrilled to be working with such a professional and talented group of game developers.”

President and CEO of 38 Studios, Brett Close added, “In our current development phase, 38 Studios is focused on prototyping the exceptional quality of our signature Online Entertainment Experience. This process can only come from tools and technology designed to deliver flexibility, efficiency, performance, and processing power. By licensing the BigWorld Technology Suite, we are empowered as developers to exceed the expectations of gamers, and ultimately achieve cross-media market penetration based on a completely original IP.”

About the BigWorld Technology Suite

Comprised of the BigWorld Server Software, Content Creation Pipeline, 3D Client Engine Package, Live Management Tools & Instrumentation, BigWorld Technology Suite is the only complete MMOG solution, providing all of the complex technology required to produce an engaging next-generation MMOG or Virtual Worlds.

About BigWorld Pty Ltd

BigWorld Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 to commercialize years of intense R&D, which started in 1999 and continues to this day. BigWorld Pty Ltd is a privately held company based in Australia that licenses its BigWorld Technology Suite middleware platform to game studios around the world that are looking to produce successful next-generation Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Virtual Worlds. Further information can be found on BigWorld website http://www.bigworldtech.com.

About 38 Studios

38 Studios, a media and entertainment company founded in 2006 by Curt Schilling, is developing an original fantasy IP driven by the creative and artistic visions of pop-culture icons R. A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane. Entertainment products will include a massively immersive online entertainment experience that transcends the traditional MMO genre, novels, comics, toys, movies, TV, and more. For more information, visit http://www.38studios.com.

13 Responses to "38 Studios Licenses BigWorld"

  1. Two quick notes regarding the 38 studios website: I don’t run flash by default; and the actual flash file is a larger size than my monitor can handle. It’d be nice if there was a html version (I could even visit in lynx then!), and if the default flash was a bit smaller: 1024×768 isn’t a completely unreasonably small screen. :)

  2. Congrats on your selection of an engine.

    I’m thinking it’s just a way to justify those boondoggle trips to Australia, but I could be wrong.

    I don’t know much about them, but of course a lightweight, configurable, and scalable system sounds like what you need for a virtual world. Hopefully you won’t have to re-script it a lot, I’ve seen that become the bane of more than one company.


  3. […] the press release from 38 Studios that Shwayder re-posted over at Nerfbat, they finally announce the game engine that they are going to use for the upcoming fantasy MMO IP […]

  4. Great choice for an engine! DSG Inc. will be using BigWorld as well. It’s quiet impressive technology. : :cool:

  5. Nanyea

    Sigh… more information please! BTW I was kinda surprised and excited to see your name pop up on the Escapist; I started reading it about a year ago when Travis (SOE) recommended it to me

  6. If you’ve just now selected a game engine, are you guys still in pre-production? How can designers create art and content until they had a game engine and tools?

  7. Chris… He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

    We decided to do things right and do a lot of work before implementing too much, and as mentioned in the press release, in our current phase we are focused on prototyping (hence the need for an engine).

    While some companies just dive right into implementation, we feel that it’s better to plan, prototype, then produce. I think there’s a good slogan in there given how many Ps I just used.

  8. “How can designers create art and content until they had a game engine and tools?”

    Easily, with Maya, before buying bigworld, you can have most of your models/animation done before even touching the engine.

  9. “….an unparalleled OEE™, (Online Entertainment Experience), for its upcoming massively multiplayer online game.”

    What’s up with the little trademark? It sounds like the Copernicus Project is aiming to be something different from a traditional MMO(G). Any chance we’ll hear some specifics soon about what OEE means?

  10. From what I’ve gathered at the office, OEE is our encompassing acronym that includes, as part of it, the MMO. It stands for Online Entertainment Experience, and intends not to limit us to “just a game,” but to include many other offerings related to the game, some of which we’ve mentioned in the past. It also is a little more accessible than “Massively Multiplayer Online Game” to non-gamers.

    There may at some point be a full explanation of all that an Online Entertainment Experience entails, but it’s a term i didn’t help create so I can’t really give a fully accurate definition.

  11. Interesting look into the game engine and tools suite. Would I be out of line asking what other engines you guys looked at?

  12. All of them. We’ve also licensed Unreal, as explained in a new press release:

    When I say all of them, I MEAN all of them. We looked at every single engine we could find, and every single good engine we could find we looked at in depth.

  13. […] 38 Studios’ second engine licensing deal; the company recently announced that it has licensed the BigWorld Technology Suite for its backend, server-side capabilities. Number One Game Engine for Cross-Platform Game […]

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