Massive Guys on Massive Games: Episode #1

At long last, the very first episode of the “Massive Guys on Massive Games” podcast is here! In this bite-sized podcast, we talk about nearly nothing! We’ll first explain how we decided on the name, then we figure out what this whole podcast is going to be about in the future. Enjoy.


Show Notes:
– You can find future episodes via the podcast feed or by hitting up
– Music on this podcast was created by Ryan Shwayder with a sweet guitar.
– If you’d like to download the mp3 directly, you can download it here.
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17 Responses to "Massive Guys on Massive Games: Episode #1"

  1. Grats on the new podcast! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Croddam

    Your first episode and you’ve already runied a promising new podcast! IMO you need to make annother podcast to reflect the views and opinions of MLB and/or your moms because personally I was expecting cameos and after hearing that disclaimer I’m very dissappointed in the now limited perspective this podcast represents. Kidding aside I was definitely liking what I was hearing but was rather on the short side. When I put on a podcast it’s usually while I grind exp so the longer the better but this short length seems to work pretty good too. A request, if possible I’d love to hear is some interviews with other developers in the Boston area, but I’d hope you’d break the whole 10min limit or it might make for an uninformative interview. One other thing is I tried in opera and the page’s text doesn’t load properly but I was still able to add the xml feed.

    Anyways your voice was totally not what I thought it would sound like, and definitely can’t wait for more! Keep up the good work! :grin:

  3. Garrin

    Hilarious. :grin:

  4. Just rebuilt the permalinks for the gazillionth time and finally validated with Feed Validator. Hopefully you can grab the feed from Opera with that domain now (otherwise, use

    Glad people are liking it so far. It’s pretty short, but as we mentioned during the podcast, that is completely intentional. We may eventually run longer than 10 minutes, but probably not by much, because the short length is one of our features. ;)

    Before the question comes up, the music is just me screwing around with a guitar. That’s probably what I’ll do in the future because it seems to work well and there are no potential copyright issues.

    If you want to grab the MP3 without playing it in the browser or using a reader of any sort, you can download it here.

  5. […] broadcast is hosted over on Nerfbat. Subscribe to future episodes (which, on the bright side, can only get better) via the feed. Or […]

  6. horder

    I totally copyrighted those guitar riffs last year. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer. :wink: Sounds good; keep it up!

  7. cgoodno

    Too short :twisted:

  8. Liked the podcast, but you guys sounded almost like an “official” podcast. I think it would rule if it were at least a little more spontaneous. :smile: Good stuff though. I might just donate another 26 cents to the cause. :mrgreen:

  9. Yeah, Genda. A couple of lessons we learned:

    1) Don’t script the entire thing out. I wrote the script to motivate us to finally record it, which it did, but then we used it as a crutch.
    2) We need to find a way to prevent the annoying echo. We may even hang up a couple sheets to see if that works next time.

  10. JuJutsu

    Which one of you twisted ***** came up with the Bartles & Koster wine cooler? I came THIS close to spewing green tea on my notebook.

  11. Movu

    Yo Ryan,

    Sweet initiative by both of you. Looking forward to more.

    Some critique.

    WAY too scripted. That may be your format though (“10 min or less”), if it is, the cast isnt for me.

    Hope you find a cooler format in future casts, maybe thats your plan.

    I like the “Actual designers doing casts when not affiliated with the company”, however its pointless imho if you do it as a “streamline-far-from-the-ground” cast.

    Love your site, – James

  12. Movu

    Oh, and in case this was just a joke to spur comment like the above.

    Well done! hahahah

  13. Thanks, Movu. We plan on keeping the under-10 minute requirement for future podcasts, but we’re also not going to write scripts anymore. We aren’t actors, so it sounds like crap when we use a script. We have an idea for the next one, and it’s completely silly again. But, the THIRD one should actually be applicable to MMOs, though still in a comedic format.

    Hopefully we can pull that off after we ease ourselves into this whole podcasting thing (hence the first couple being more about us learning how to podcast well rather than attempt something meaningful). We’ve both done podcasts in the past. I drove the creation of the SOE Podcast (along with Joel White, and of course with people like Crosby and Cat who made it happen), and appeared in the first several before moving. But, it was a different beast and this is OURS this time, so we’re finding our groove.

    JuJutsu: Danuser came up with the Bartles & Koster wine cooler part. There were a bunch of parts that I had to try not to laugh audibly at, and that was one of them (another being the part after the rap when he says not to interrupt his flow but he stumbles over the words… that one wasn’t planned).

    In the future, without the script, you’ll probably have to listen to us giggle like idiots sometimes. But, hey, such is the way it must be if we don’t read from a piece of paper..

  14. horder

    Forgot to mention…Ryan your voice would be great for radio, commercials, or maybe as an announcer for monster truck rallies, etc. So if the mmo dev thing ever gets old, those guys get big $! :)

  15. Nice guys, always good to hear the beatboxing.
    Looking forward to the next one.

    PS. If there’s anyway the peeps over here at Online Gaming Radio can help you out technically or otherwise let me know (you can prolly see my email in your WP dashboard :mrgreen: )

  16. Chemical.Deadlock

    It was humorous. I enjoyed it.

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