Massive Guys on Massive Games: Episode #3

The third episode of “Massive Guys on Massive Games” has finally hit the shelves! Within this glorious podcast, you can learn where the heck hosts Ryan “Blackguard” Shwayder and Steve “Moorgard” Danuser have been and what games they’ve been playing since the second episode.


Show Notes:
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– Music on this podcast was created by Ryan Shwayder with a sweet guitar.
– If you’d like to download the mp3 directly, you can download it here.
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10 Responses to "Massive Guys on Massive Games: Episode #3"

  1. Nice shout out to SWG. Five years, huh? That game is still going? Wow.

    Shwayder, watch your back in AoC.

    Yay for nipples!!!

    Five years for the development of an MMO, so why would anyone be surprised it would be months between podcasts from you two?

    Nice cliffhanger at the end there. Nice.

  2. Couple ideas that you guys could use for podcast topics:

    – What’s it like working at 38 Studios? I know you cant reveal anything about the game itself, but I’m sure a lot of listeners would like to hear more about life at 38.

    – Similarly, what’s it like being a game designer? What are some of the day to day tasks you are responsible for, and what are some of your thought processes when designing?

    – What advice would you give someone who wants to break into game design, specifically with MMOs?

    – What is your single favorite moment or event in any MMO you’ve played?

    – What is your favorite aspect of MMORPGs (i.e. group PVE content, raiding, tradeskilling, socializing) and why?

    Just some things I would personally be interested in hearing you guys talk about, and I’m sure others feel the same way.

  3. A new dope? weak.

  4. cgoodno

    I’m enjoying AoC currently. I’m not finding Tortage to be a drag, honestly, at least no more than other starting areas of MMOs. I think the combat system is keeping me more active, and thereby interested in the game. Love my bear shaman and dark templar so far. Oh, and on a total carebear (aka gank-free, ePeen-lite) server.

    I’ve been wondering about going back to EQ2, but honestly I think I will get bored very quickly with it. Same old zones, spells, abilities, combat, etc. That and I doubt they’ve done anything that would make me enjoy playing my ranger. After a few years, you kind of get bored with certain MMOs, and EQ2 is one of them (DAoC was the first one that ended up just boring me, regardless what they added).

  5. Yeah “Episode 4: A New Dope” was a terrible joke Danuser came up with while we were recording. Actually, a vast majority of this podcast was completely unscripted. We figured out the major pieces right before we started recording and just went with it. I think we’re getting good enough at doing it that way that we can keep going that route, and maybe inject some substance into the next podcast. I do have an idea for the next podcast, but it might not be quite as amazing as I lead you to believe. ;)

  6. Truthfully, Shwayder scripted the whole thing, and only says he didn’t to hide his shame. Your comment about “a new dope” has caused him to curl up on the floor of his cube, whimpering.

    Nicely done!

  7. JuJutsu

    Mmmmm. Poutine.

  8. Who knew Ryan had such badass beatboxing skills?

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  10. agra

    You went to Canada? And didn’t come west? What. The. Hell? Poutine ROCKS!

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