Massive Guys on Massive Games: Episode #5

Lucky episode #5 of the Massive Guys on Massive Games podcast is now available. Hosts Ryan “Blackguard” Shwayder and Steve “Moorgard” Danuser discuss the Olympics, Michael Phelps, Alicia Sacramone, and PvP in the latest episode.


Show Notes:
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8 Responses to "Massive Guys on Massive Games: Episode #5"

  1. Magister

    Good podcast. I would like to know your ideas about how to make pvp better in games and what they’ve done right and wrong in games. What I don’t like much in wow is that balance isn’t very good in pvp and when they change things for pvp or pve the other one gets worse at the same time.

  2. Nice 5th anniversary edition of the podcast, guys!

  3. Travis

    WHO beta is going to drop Sept 7…..

    On a side note, that is the first time I actually typed the abbreviated name for that game….which I suspect is going to / has already yielded quite a bit of vaudevillian stupidity in forums across the tubes.

  4. That isn’t the abbreviation, it’s WAR. Warhammer (Online): Age of Reckoning. Which is way cooler than WHO.

  5. Travis

    I am sticking with WHO.

    Me : WHO is in beta.
    Guy : I don’t know.
    Me: I got in.
    Guy: Got in what?
    Me: No, got in WHO.
    Guy: Who is No and what is who?
    Me: I am who and why no to WHO?
    Guy: No to you?
    Me: No, who.
    Guy: YOU!
    Me: Never heard of that game.

    AHAHAHahahahhaahaahhhhhhhhhhh…..aha….ahh….it’s going to be great.

  6. I hate to miss you, Travis. I really do.

  7. You guys have seen the Gold Farming Complaints about the user in China called “MichaelPhelps”, right?

  8. I totally agree that MMO PvP as an “e-sport” is a great concept that all designers should consider when making a new title.

    However, I disagree that WoW implemented it the most successfully. Granted, WoW is the most successful game (ever?), but this isn’t due to its PvP.

    I submit to you that Guild Wars is actually the best implementation of a competitive team PvP online game… ever. Yes, yes, some don’t consider it technically an MMO, but they’ve got the e-sport thing done pretty damn well nonetheless.

    My advice: do some poking around, and learn about the things that Guild Wars has brought to the RPG genre. Don’t try and re-invent the wheel, they’ve seriously done a lot of great things in that game, and the fact that it didn’t get a mention in the podcast implies that you guys haven’t played it. Big, big oversight – you stand to learn a lot as designers if you do some reading about this game.

    As an example, have a look at this blog post (yes, I wrote it, so I’m biased :p) –

    If you hate the idea of wasting valuable man hours researching some game you’ve never heard of, feel free to PM me and I’ll refer you to top members of the PvP community who could inform you with even more qualification than I about all the good (and bad) things related to PvP in that game.

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