E3 Is Back

Looks like they finally realized it was a terrible idea to throttle E3 back in the first place… E3 is back! At least, it seems to be. Hopefully they allow booth babes and loud noises again, because it was a riot (despite me cursing the name of any noisy booth near one I was working at). I suppose this means I might go to E3 again.

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  1. So they’re basically deciding that it was pointless clinging to the original ideal of E3 in light of its de facto relevance.

    Whether E3 specifically is the industry’s PR blitz or some other expo takes over, the publishers are well aware that only a monstrous, loud, sensationalist event like the E3s of yore can pierce non-gaming news and bring the level of hype they want. I understand it steals months from developers, and I sympathize, but this is a monster that could never be put down once it was released.

  2. Personally, I never quite understood the extra pressure and push that E3 demos did to companies… in my opinion, if your game isn’t launching in the year following E3, you shouldn’t be showing it… years of hype usually equals disappointment. If your game IS launching in the year following E3, then I would hope you have actual game to show and don’t need to create an elaborate mockup… if you need to lie about your game’s readiness, then perhaps you should consider delaying the release of your game because it ain’t ready.

  3. I’d love to go to E3 if I had the funds to cross the pond. :)

  4. E3 was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had! All of the lights, sounds and craziness that was going on was like a total system shock. The hype around it and all the press got the word about games out immediately. We reported almost daily about what we saw. I’m not sure how it was considered a bad thing. Yes it was expensive but it was the Super Bowl of games!

    If they do bring it back I might make the trip out. It has been a while since I’ve seem some of the folks who’d be there (like Ryan!) in person.

    Although, (no offense anyone) I wasn’t real keen on the air in LA. They do know it isn’t suppose to be brown right?

  5. I am going to attempt to go to E3 this year. I have always wanted to go.

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