Where Have I Been?!

Around. I’ve been focusing a lot on getting in-shape, which has been taking the bulk of my energy (not to mention the new puppy, who takes a ton of energy as well). I have a pretty large Aion first impressions post that I’ve been meaning to finish for a while, but we’ll see how long it actually takes me to finish writing that. For now, I’ll keep working on the in-shape thing until that becomes a habit and I don’t have to actively focus on it, then you’ll see more posts on Nerfbat.

5 Responses to "Where Have I Been?!"

  1. wallishall

    Well, get it finished. I’m giving Aion a try, but am not holding my breath for it. Vanguard is still my favorite till someone gets their act together and puts out something fun and enjoyable to play both solo and in a group and in raid…

  2. Dave

    you must not have a bloodmage…

  3. Ken

    Good to see you taking care of yourself. If you ever need exercise advice let me know.

  4. @Dave — What’s wrong with Bloodmages?

  5. Keep it up. When I was doing the same thing this past year, I blogged a lot about it. It helped. So does record keeping. You’re young, so it’s a plus. I think I’m almost 10 years older than you. But through a lot of work and eating the right way, I’ve dropped 40 lbs., six inches in my waist and two shirt sizes. I have 20 more lbs. to reach my goal. Maybe we can start placing bets? LOL

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