Keep Defenders for the iPhone/iPod Touch

A friend of mine here at 38 Studios just launched an iPhone/iPod touch game. It’s called Keep Defenders, and is described on the site as: “Keep Defenders is a highly addictive, fast paced real-time combat game. The object of Keep Defenders is to defend your keep as waves of enemy soldiers attack from all directions. If your keep is destroyed or you lose all of your units, you have been defeated. Use your spoils to hire reinforcements and turn back your attackers!” It’s pretty darn fun, so give it a go! Check out the video after the jump.

3 Responses to "Keep Defenders for the iPhone/iPod Touch"

  1. If it’s anything near as good as Field Runners then I’m sold :)

  2. Magister

    I got this because it looked good, the music was cool, and you recommended it. It’s a pretty good game. It starts off a bit slow and is a little hard even on easy, but it’s a good game worth being on your iphone. I like that they didn’t just entirely clone similar games but it could use a designer or two to polish the game better and make it more fun… it has a really solid foundation. Hey, aren’t you a designer? :razz:

  3. It seems addicting, but Tuhd refuses to buy an iPhone. Not even if Fez came out on iPhone.

    Anyone know if there be an emulator for iPhone apps that isn’t buggy?

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