Readers’ Choice: Where Are Cyanbane’s Pants?

“Where are my pants?” - Cyanbane. Trick question. Knowing you, you don’t actually own any pants. It’s your upbringing, I suppose, to refuse to wear pants. That said, the world would appreciate it if you covered up your chicken legs. So, the answer to your question is, your pants are hanging on a rack at the clothing store.

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3 Responses to "Readers’ Choice: Where Are Cyanbane’s Pants?"

  1. Vald

    When I first read this, brought back memories of EQ and a great GM who sent a server-wide message with something to the effect of “Who took my pants” when he discovered they had been removed from his character. Many of us in-guild were like “WTF was that” and many newbs thought it was the start of a GM event. Heh, good times!


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