Derek Smart’s Open Letter to David Allen

This is Derek Smart’s Open Letter to David Allen. I don’t feel it is prudent or even necessary to comment further.

5 Responses to "Derek Smart’s Open Letter to David Allen"

  1. Ironhide

    I had never heard of Derek Smart before Alganon and I’ve read both sides of some of the stuff. Honestly don’t care.

    QOL delivered this time round on exactly what they said they would. I was there last night waiting with baited breath to download and check it out, having been playing on and off for the last few months after my return.

    I was impressed. impressed because when taken in the context of a lower budget game, being re-released to fix what was a total cluster fsck, they actually delivered. Yeah it’s rough. Yeah it has issues, but it reminds me SO much of my first experience in EQ2. In fact my first instance in this game, at level 15 has gnolls in it. ring a bell ?..hehe.

    So all the Derek and David crap aside, Derek and QOL delivered a much improved game that I think could do moderately well if they keep doing regular improvements. I own it, it has no subscription and even if it was $5 a month, I’d pay it. (no more though)

    It’s less wow like now, and if they continue that direction it will be pretty cool. it will never be as good as WoW, or EQ2 because those games have been out a long time.

    it does however stack up ok in it’s first (or second) coming in much the same way those games did back then. If it can last 2-3 years with steady development, this could be pretty cool.

  2. Frawd

    Derek truly is the internet gift that keeps giving.

    Do you know of any “Best of Derek” sites that have dredged up and organized his usenet rants? I’ll love to reminisce…

  3. Mike

    I almost want to give Alganon a chance now, solely based on the strength of this epic letter by Derek. I can respect someone laying it all out like that, especially with the risk of an impending lawsuit.

  4. Derek really wants to set things straight, even if he has to badmouth everyone.

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