Dear Humans and Etc.

While I haven’t completely abandoned this blog, I have obviously not been posting to it lately. Whether this is because I have nothing to say, I’m too busy at work, or I’ve become more interested in other hobbies that don’t have to do with blogging, I can’t really be sure. I just wanted to drop a note here that if I have anything particularly interesting to say, I’ll still post it here. If I don’t, I probably won’t.

I toyed with posting frequently enough just to keep the blog alive, but it would be a disservice to you to continue to repost other news just to retain readership, so I’ll refrain from the quantity and focus only on the quality (assuming I ever have anything particularly interesting I want to post about). Thanks for reading Nerfbat, and I’m sure it will ramp up again at some point, I just don’t when that time will come.

4 Responses to "Dear Humans and Etc."

  1. This is what the wonder of RSS feeds are for. The internet is infinite but my time and your’s are definitely finite.

  2. Robert

    I’ve never understood these oh sorry I don’t post often enough messages. I use a reader too, post every 2 years for all I care.

  3. JuJutsu

    Can we still play in the forums? :)

  4. Yes, keep the forums alive please.

    And feel free to post simple links into any forum posts that are interesting – let us do all the heavy lifting for you ;-)

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