Dear CCP, Your Customer Service Made Me Cry Inside

Just a little rant. It’s been almost 12 hours since I submitted a petition on their website. I decided to reactivate my account for the dozenth time today. It was a giant pain to even figure out which account I wanted to reactivate, in part because I had to be on a very specific login form to even get it to tell me anything (if you account isn’t active, most of the login forms just act as if you put in the wrong info). When I finally found the right one (yes, I have two or three and there’s only one I care about)… “Account is banned.”


The last time I played was at least a year ago, and I played up until the subscription lapsed without ever having done anything against the ToS or being contacted by anyone official. I let my subscription run out, was never informed that the account was banned (for what reason, I have no idea), and they have no phone CS and are not responding to my petition to let me give them my money. I would also have noticed if an email was ever sent stating that my account was activated by a hacker.

Dear CCP, please advise. Why did you ban an innocent account holder and why won’t you respond to my please to let me give you cash moneys? Sometimes it’s hard being on the player end of things.

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  1. Charles Ellis

    I had the exact same thing happen to me with one of my inactive EVE accounts. The explanation from CCP’s customer service was that my account information had been obtained by a third party and much/all of the ISK and items were probably moved to another account, so it was banned to prevent further misuse.
    Like you I was confused because that account had not been active in quite some time; I too found that their customer service takes the unusual stance of considering customers guilty until they prove themselves innocent. I would definitely look through your inbox again and see if you received an email about the ban (perhaps with a subject like “EVE Online Account Security Compromised”).

  2. What Charles said about somehow it got hacked so they banned it to prevent further misuse. That’s (according to several bloggers I’ve read) become the SOP in the past year or so. And it usually seems to take them about 12-14 hours to respond and another day or 3 to get things squared away.

  3. The crying has stopped. Apparently a foreign IP accessed my account via the website (not in-game) so they banned the account. Password is being reset as we speak. That said, it took them over 20 hours to respond to the petition, which still makes me sad. I wanted to play last night!

  4. I’ve had a petition open for about 48 hours now with no response, regarding a character transfer to one of my own accounts (I keep three accounts active, regardless of how much play time I give it.)

    Glad to hear you got yours resolved though, Ryan. What’s your in-game name?

  5. JuJutsu

    Not to make light of your personal travails but….I almost wish that something like this would happen to every single developer. Nothing like spending some time in someone elses shoes. It makes me feel better knowing that there will be at least one person in 38 Studios that knows from personal experience how frustrating this type of thing can be.

    BTW let me know if you’d like to be pointed towards a nice corp :)

  6. In-game name is Marakhan. RE: JuJutsu – Most developers have experienced at least one terrible install/registration/etc. in their time. I’ve experienced more than I can count on one hand. Turbine, NCSoft, Mythic, and Square/Enix are the larger companies that come to mind with games in which I experienced bad issues just getting them to let me pay them and/or play their games.

    But my EVE problems didn’t stop with getting access to my account…

    The trials of CCP continued when I got home last night. It took me 3+ downloads of their entire EVE installation using every method they have available (except for the Steam demo, which was my next step) before I figured out how the hell to make their installer work:

    I eventually had to extract the downloaded files via 7-Zip, of which 44 were corrupted so it could not install/run the game. Then, I had to run “repair.exe” (yeah, their installation process is known to be broken, so they had to write a program to fix broken installs).

    Running it once re-downloaded over 1 GB of files. Then it failed at the end. Ran it again and downloaded over 500 MB of files more.

    Then… Bingo! I graduated! I passed the test and am allowed to play EVE at home again. All I had to do was download via their launcher-based downloader, download all of the files directly with their offline installer, download via a torrent they provided, extract using a different company’s software, then re-download the majority of the files by running their Repair program twice.

  7. JuJutsu

    Now that you’ve passed the download/installation test you’ve demonstrated the patience to be a miner! :)

  8. I’m worse than a miner, I trade goods from system to system for profit, 19455 m3 of stuff at a time.

  9. My last petition was open for around 3 weeks, The day I went on holiday the senior GM responded and by the time I got back the petition had been auto-closed (7 days had passed waiting for a response). It then took me a week to get another petition opened with that senior gm, but ended up with ccp’s favourite cookie… “our logs show nothing” so they walked off with my 2 bill in losses laughing. If ccp were public company thier incompetant asses would have been disbanded years ago.

  10. Something similiar stopped me from reactivating my WoW-Account when WotLK came out. A friend had persuaded me to have a look at the Deathknight, but back then you needed an existing Lvl50 character. So I made a petition to restore my old account and the (deleted, i admit) Lvl70 character in it. I’d been happy even if it would have been without any gear, just the character.

    Well, it failed because Blizzards account management(!) told me – after my new trial account suspended – that I shall petition this in-game to a GM. This then was the Good Bye for me: If they need more than 10 days to give this simple statement to a potentially paying customer…

  11. Shoebox

    Nexon is the worst service I’ve ever experienced.

    I seriously regret even wanting to play their games again five years later.

  12. CaptainArmageddon

    Been alot of crappy games, but when you put the deaf company CCP in the question get ready for a storm. Besides the worst customer service ever published, the skill idea is completely retarded. I cant stand waiting so long just to use something when I can afford it in Eve…

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