WoW First Impressions

A trip back in time to when World of Warcraft came out. People tend to forget that WoW is a mature game, and new MMOs are always compared against the current state of WoW rather than its state at release. While it’s not fair to new MMOs, it’s going to happen and… well, it is fair. As the game ages, it becomes even harder to be compared against it (e.g. think any game can have anywhere near as many zones at launch of any decent level of quality? Think again). Was this worth me coming out of hiding for? Probably not, but here’s your link:’s First Impressions of World of Warcraft

3 Responses to "WoW First Impressions"

  1. The way I remember it, before WoW was even released there was already a huge buzz. A lot of my friends who were into MMORPGs and games in general signed up for the beta. And then Blizzard delivered a great game. :grin:

  2. I remember ignoring WoW pretty heavily after my open beta experiences since I was so bent on leading an EverQuest 2 guild with real life friends and former guildees. Thanks for the flash back!

  3. JuJutsu

    So you came out of hiding eh? I didn’t think I’d ever see you blog again :(

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