Did Kingdoms of Amalur Get “Best New IP?”

Game Trailers announced their Best New IP of E3 award. One of the nominees was Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. That’s the IP I’ve been working on since 2006 with the team at 38, though Reckoning itself is being developed by our sister studio in Maryland (we Rhode Islanders are working on the MMO, codenamed Copernicus). Check out the Game Trailers video to see if Reckoning took the honors. Something I failed to mention earlier: Reckoning won RipTen’s Best RPG of E3!

2 Responses to "Did Kingdoms of Amalur Get “Best New IP?”"

  1. JuJutsu

    Congratulations. I hope Copernicus has the same eye candy & gameplay :)

  2. Congrats to 38 Studios on the Best New IP award! Congrats to 38 and BHG for the Best RPG award. Glad to see some love coming in!

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