Project Copernicus: 3 Races in Their Racial Homelands

Some screenshots of three races in their racial homelands. I don’t know where these came from, but they show the Almain, Dverga, and Jottun races. Thanks for all the support we’ve been getting from the community; you deserve these small reveals. Project Copernicus: 3 Races Revealed

I’m mirroring them here in case 38 Watch goes down due to all the traffic.

4 Responses to "Project Copernicus: 3 Races in Their Racial Homelands"

  1. Eidos

    I am so glad to finally see these!

  2. Looks good.

    I just hope all the tidbits I’m hearing aren’t true. Good luck in there, Ryan.

  3. Daven

    Look great hope you get to finish it :/

  4. These are hand’s down the most visually interesting screens of an MMO I’ve seen since WOW. I’ve been dying to explore a whimsical animated world again with this kind of spirit, since I played WOW into the ground back in 04-05. I just want a world to wander around that is beautiful and quirky, somewhere I actually want to escape to,… I can’t get over how great this looks especially with the depth of field effects. It’s a tragedy this game will never be seen,

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