More Kingdoms of Amalur

People keep leaking videos of KoA (aka¬†Project Copernicus), and I thought I’d link to them to show off some of the work we did on the game. I wish I had the foresight to smuggle videos out of the office, but I was a good boy and decided to abide by the NDA (wish I’d at least taken some videos of content I created, but hindsight doesn’t do me much good). Anyway, check these out:

  • Valiance: One of the main capital cities in Kingdoms of Amalur
  • Jottunhessen: The other main capital city in KoA before optimization
  • Jottunhessen 2: Post-optimization
  • Kotaku Videos: Character creation and Vino Terra (w/ some gameplay)
  • KoA Music: Some Kingdoms of Amalur music by Gene Rozenberg

Also check out Danuser’s website for explanations of the Valiance and Jottunhessen videos. I wish we could have finished the game for you all.

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