Vanquish Evil With the Power of ROCK!

Soon I will begin my journey as a Game Designer on Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft. I am immensely excited and can’t wait to create enjoyable experiences for all of you in Azeroth! After the 38 Studios turmoil and uncertainty of the past several months, I couldn’t imagine a more positive scenario for my family and career. As you might expect, ye olde Nerfbat is going to suffer and revert to ghost town status while I work hard at making great games again. Thank you for all of your well-wishes and support, and I hope to see you beyond the Mists of Pandaria!

6 Responses to "Vanquish Evil With the Power of ROCK!"

  1. Glad to hear you got a new job! Congratulations!

  2. YES! That’s absolutely wonderful to hear! :) Congratulations on the new job :D

  3. Ryan, you know this means I have to play World of WarCraft again. I will blame you for this.

    Would you keep us all updated on what you’re contributing to in WoW?

  4. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll most likely post notes on Facebook/Twitter rather than Nerfbat so it remains less official.

  5. Well…I guess I could have just read your blog instead of dropping you late-night IMs about this. Looks like I’ll have to break my vow to never play WoW again. After trying to play several games recently to find the “right” one for me, I should stop kidding myself and log back in.

  6. Congratulations to you!

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