MMO Development Lesson #42

Do not violate the narrative of your world. Don’t get me wrong, the lore of a world can be bent to your will and almost anything is possible in most game worlds, but you need to be careful to avoid outright contradicting the story. It’s often relatively easy to  bend a rule or modify the context of how you tell the story without infringing on the rules of your narrative.

  • Idea: You have a great idea that involves visually explaining an important piece of history using ghosts. You even stayed late at work to script it up and make everything play out perfectly!
  • Problem: Your world does not have ghosts. Period. No, it also doesn’t have tangible echoes of the past even in highly magical areas. Get over it.
  • Solution: Luckily, your world allows for visions of the past to take place. Send players on a vision to see what really happened rather than showing it with ghostly figures–the player experience might even be better for it.

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