More Kingdoms of Amalur

People keep leaking videos of KoA (aka Project Copernicus), and I thought I’d link to them to show off some of the work we did on the game. I wish I had the foresight to smuggle videos out of the office, but I was a good boy and decided to abide by the NDA (wish I’d at least taken some videos of content I created, but hindsight doesn’t do me much good). Anyway, check these out:

  • Valiance: One of the main capital cities in Kingdoms of Amalur
  • Jottunhessen: The other main capital city in KoA before optimization
  • Jottunhessen 2: Post-optimization
  • Kotaku Videos: Character creation and Vino Terra (w/ some gameplay)
  • KoA Music: Some Kingdoms of Amalur music by Gene Rozenberg

Also check out Danuser’s website for explanations of the Valiance and Jottunhessen videos. I wish we could have finished the game for you all.

Impossible Studios

Congratulations to my old compatriots in Maryland (38 Studios Baltimore/Big Huge Games) who are now part of Epic Games’ Impossible Studios. I wish you folks all the best and I’m happy to see some positive come from the ashes of 38 Baltimore. I look forward to trying out Infinity Blade: Dungeons as soon as I can get my hands on it!

Find out more about this great news by checking out the press release: Epic Games Announces Impossible Studios!

Rise Up

The Trailer You Weren’t Supposed to See for a Game You’ll Never Play.” Apt title. Sad reality. Someone leaked an incomplete Copernicus trailer to Kotaku. Some of the assets were temporary and the voiceover is placeholder. That doesn’t make it any easier to watch these days. So many things in there that I worked on in my 5.5+ years at 38. I wish you could have experienced our world.

38 Studios: What a Journey

What an unreal end to such a wonderful and rewarding journey. 38 Studios was a great place to work. I worked there from the moment we opened our doors to the day the doors were closed. I am stunned that is is ending this way.

The talent and passion of the team at 38 was incredible. I’m happy that people at least got to see a little of our world, but I truly wish we had the opportunity to finish the amazing project we were working on.

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and well-wishes. Working at 38 Studios was such a fulfilling experience, and I hope the next place I land can even come close. I’m heartbroken and in a state of disbelief that the saga is at an end.

To everyone I worked with, thank you for all I learned and for showing me what “team” really means. To our fans, I’m sorry we couldn’t finish the game, and thank you for all the dedication and support you’ve shown us over the years.

I am updating my site with my resume. Please contact me if you feel I am qualified for any positions you are aware of, and thank you ahead of time for anything you can do to help me or my 38 Studios family to get through this maelstrom.

Ryan Shwayder’s Resume

Project Copernicus: 3 Races in Their Racial Homelands

Some screenshots of three races in their racial homelands. I don’t know where these came from, but they show the Almain, Dverga, and Jottun races. Thanks for all the support we’ve been getting from the community; you deserve these small reveals. Project Copernicus: 3 Races Revealed

I’m mirroring them here in case 38 Watch goes down due to all the traffic.

Project Copernicus World Fly-Through Video

Enjoy, my friends.

Reckoning’s First DLC: The Legend of Dead Kel

I’m not sure if you know this, but pirates are awesome. What else is awesome? Reckoning! What else?!?! I can’t say more or your mind might be blown! Reckoning’s first DLC has been announced, and it’s right up my alley. The Legend of Dead Kel

The legendary pirate Dead Kel and his Hanged Men have returned to haunt the seas of northern Amalur. Embark on a journey to the distant island of Gallows End with the eccentric Captain Brattigan in an adventure that will uncover a secret so great that it has incited wars and toppled kingdoms. Discover powerful new weapons and Twist of Fate Cards and use them to conquer the island’s unique inhabitants. Become the Lord of Gravehal Keep and lay claim to this once great fort that stands upon the edge of a cliff in the most expansive player housing option yet. In an extensive new story and a host of new side quests, battle treacherous new enemies and face exciting new challenges on the mysterious island of Gallows End.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Launch Trailer

I’ll let the trailer speak for itself.

Reckoning Demo Available!

The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo is now available on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3! There are some pretty awesome things you can unlock just from playing the demos for Reckoning and Mass Effect 3. Something that had not been announced until today for PC users is that the game is available on both Origin and Steam (the latter gets you some TF2 items if you pre-order)!

38 Studios Developer Index

Do you remember Hannar’s old Moorgard Index back on A categorized index of posts that aims to provide the content of virtually all 38 Studios dev posts in one place. Pretty cool stuff. Check out the 38 Studios Developer Index.