WPI GDC GameJam This Weekend!

WPI GDC will be hosting a GameJam in affiliation with 38 Studios this weekend! It’s at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Atwater-Kent Labs, Room 120D. It starts at 7:00 PM Friday, January 25, 2008 and will last for 38 hours. You can find out more (including information about cash prizes) at the WPI GDC GameJam site.

38 Studios News Bits

Lots of random bits of information out there about 38 Studios over the past week or so. Some of us were out at CES and met with various people, which produced several interviews and features around the web. Of note, and probably the only real new piece for those who have been paying attention to the company, is that our codename is out: Copernicus. It has nothing to do with the game itself, as it is just a codename, but it’s out there now. Anyway, on to the links… Continue Reading »

38 Studios Welcomes Mike Kosenski

Welcome to the next bit of new (old) blood here at 38 Studios. Mike Kosenski, aka Capo aka Koko (he comes bearing nicknames. Sucks to be him), will be our Vice President of Product Development, which basically means he’s making us even more efficient and productive and helping us make a higher quality game in less time with minimal overtime and will keep all of us motivated and working together and hitting milestones. I wish my job were so easy. Press release stuff after the break. Continue Reading »

The Massachusetts Game Challenge

38 Studios has announced the first Massachusetts Game Challenge. Students who want to participate are tasked with creating a playable video game featuring the 38 Studios mascot, Munch, and his alter ego, Mean Munch. Full details can be found in this handy Rules PDF, with further details contained in the press release (below the fold). Get together a team of 2-3 aspiring game developers and knock our socks off, or at least have fun getting a little additional experience. Good luck! Continue Reading »

Jon Laff Named CTO of 38 Studios

Yep, some new blood in town: Jon Laff. Well, he’s actually quite a veteran in the industry, but he’s new blood at 38 Studios. He comes to us from Electronic Arts Montreal where he helped grow that studio, and now he’ll be helping us as part of our family and Chief Technology Officer. More details in the official press release after the break. Welcome to the team, Jon! Continue Reading »

38 Studios Job: Web Manager

Would you like to become part of the team that includes the creative visionaries behind Drizzt Do’Urden and Spawn? 38 Studios is currently seeking an experienced Web Manager to lead our community and company web development department. The web manager is responsible for maintaining all of the 38 Studios’ web sites, including adding and updating content, writing copy, and managing internal and external relationships as they pertain to the web sites. This is a full-time time position with competitive salary, full benefits, 401k plan, and the chance to be part of MMO history! Continue Reading »

Curt’s Stayin’ Around!

Congratulations! Curt Schilling will be sticking around with the Boston Red Sox for another year! Very cool news for him, as I know he wanted to stay here to end his career. If you want any of the details, you’ll have to check out Curt’s blog, 38 Pitches. Great news for Curt and Red Sox Nation, not to mention 38 Studios since we’ll get to see him all the time throughout the next season. Did I mention how awesome it is having him here? Is my nose brown? Not really, because it really is great to have him in the office all the time again.

38 Studios Job: Art Director

38 Studios is currently seeking a talented and experienced Art Director to lead a team of top-notch artists in the creation of a next-gen title. The Art Director is responsible for the overall visual look of the project and coordinating and supervising the efforts of the artists to achieve that look. This person oversees the work by the concept artists, character artists, environmental artists, animators, cinematics, FX artists, and UI designers to ensure it all cohesively fits into a visually compelling game. Continue Reading »

2007 Ultimate Champions!

In the biggest sporting event to take place since the World Series, the 38 Studios Ultimate Frisbee team took on Iron Lore to win the 2007 Clock Tower Ultimate Championship! Booyah! I ignored doctor’s orders to take it easy after getting a couple of stitches in my left man-boob 2 hours before the game and played (it was the last game of the season… for all the marbles). I’d like to use the stitches as an excuse for going butterfingers a couple times. But, it didn’t matter, because we took out Iron Lore 15-8! Man, I can’t wait for the next Ultimate season.

Congratulations Curt!

Congratulations to Curt Schilling and the Boston Red Sox for winning the 2007 World Series! I can’t even imagine how amazing that must be for all of the players involved. The Colorado Rockies did a hell of a job getting to where they are right now too, so congratulations go out to them as well. I can’t wait to see the $%#*-eating grin on the boss man’s face when he next shows up at 38 Studios. Awwwww yeaaaahhh!