The Animated Bayeux Tapestry

This is pretty cool: The Animated Bayeux Tapestry. The not-so-animated Bayeux Tapestry describes the events leading up to and including the Norman invasion of England, and it’s very impressive. The animated version is the same thing, but someone took the time to animate it and put sound to it, and it is seriously pretty awesome. It reminds me a little of Fable’s tapestry storytelling (which I also really liked), and looks like something that could be converted into a usable form in a game near you.

Lord of the Rings Online

I’m now playing Lord of the Rings Online on the Silverlode server. I joined up with a guild that was pretty dominant in EQII that moved to LOTRO recently called Ascension. You can find me there as Luckbad, a Human Minstrel and Bard (meaning I play my harp like a rock star), so feel free to drop me a line. Try not to spam me too much or I’ll have to refrain from ever revealing my in-game name again. 😛 Also, check out a buddy’s LOTRO Guilds resource site.

Planet Earth

Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth” is perhaps the best miniseries I’ve ever seen. I’ve been watching it On Demand out here with my fiancée in Colorado, and it is absolutely breathtaking. For any of you who are interested in our world or if you’re simply looking for some inspiration, watch it. In entirely unrelated news, today is my birthday, and since I’m at the old stomping grounds my mom is making delicious roast beef and cake.

Curt Schilling’s Official Blog

Curt Schilling has his own blog! That’s right, the near-infamously outspoken Boston Red Sox pitcher, 38 Studios founder, philanthropist, and all-around nice guy has a blog. The blog is called 38 Pitches, and so far has a single (long) entry, but I suspect you’ll see a heck of a lot of commentary on his part given Curt’s nature to speak out. As much as it looks like I’m kissing ass with the first part, I believe all that stuff myself, plus I had to link to the blog because it was up to me to get the thing set up.

38 Studios Gear + Nerfbat Paraphernalia?

A number of people have asked me about getting cool hats and t-shirts related to 38 Studios (and Green Monster Games), so here’s your gratuitous link: 38 Studios Gear. If you want to pick up a Green Monster Games shirt, get one fast. As far as I know, there aren’t any plans on reprinting that stuff now that our name has changed. I’m thinking about asking for an extra one here so I can prove how old school I am. Which leads me to a question about apparel and Nerfbat… Continue Reading »


We have one of the coolest mascots over here at work. We like to call him Munch. It’s pretty amazing how a simple mascot can take on a life of its own after it (or he or she) has been around for a little while. One of our artists created a nice image of Munch for a particular purpose recently, and I thought I’d show it off here on my blog because I can. 😉 Continue Reading »


I apologize ahead of time, but I must tell you that fun will ensue beyond the fold, and your work may be pissed at you for clicking beyond here. No, it’s not NSFW, but it is NSFWP (not safe for work productivity). Ye have been warned. Continue Reading »

Domain Camping Must be Stopped!

<RANT>I’m tired of domain camping. There needs to be a challenge process that can be requested for those interested in getting a domain that has nothing on it. I would be happy to pay $1-$5 to GoDaddy if they would: 1) See how long someone has owned a domain. 2) See if there is anything at that domain. 3) If #1 is greater than 90 days, and #2 is “nothing’s there,” they send a warning to the owner. 4) The owner has 30 days to respond by putting something on the site or it’s no longer theirs. It wouldn’t solve all the issues, but it would be something.</RANT>

Jeff Freeman is Bigger than (Second) Life!

One of the funnier blog posts I’ve read on a gaming blog in recent minutes appeared on Jeff Freeman’s blog. He raises both an issue of importance, and one of unimportance. One of the two is that Jeff Freeman needs to get more press and become more popular. The other is that the press believes Second Life is a far greater financial success than it actually is. You be the judge as to which is important, but I wholeheartedly agree on both fronts. As soon as they publish real numbers about paying subscribers, then perhaps I’ll get on the SL train. Until then, it’s the Segway of MMOs in my mind.

WarCry Interviews GMG

WarCry interviewed a couple of us here at Green Monster Games recently. Check out the article and come back here to complain about how we didn’t really reveal any new information about the project. There are a couple of minor bits in there that I don’t think we’ve said elsewhere, but it’s probably not juicy enough to sate your hunger.