Boston Post Mortem { December 2008

This month’s Boston Post Mortem meeting will be at a different location. The meeting will take place Wednesday, December 17th, from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. It’s at the new Microsoft Offices @ 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA. 38 Studios’ own Jen Maclean (VP of Business Development and IGDA Chair) will be one of three talks, along with Jason Schupbach (MA Office of Business Development) and the Boston Post Mortem Committee. More details can be found at the Boston Post Mortem website.

Expansion Timing

Did you know that World of Warcraft has a new expansion out called Wrath of the Lich King? Were you aware that EverQuest II has one coming next week called The Shadow Odyssey? Did you know that there is also one coming out for The Lord of the Rings Online called Mines of Moria? If you answered “No” to any of those questions, you aren’t alone. Continue Reading »


Have an iPhone or iPod Touch? Check out this game that a friend of mine put together with some other folks. It’s called Fieldrunners. It’s an awesome Tower Defense game and is currently getting some incredible ratings from players. They’re updating the heck out of the thing constantly, and I suggest you give it a try! More info (and a video) beyond the break: Continue Reading »

38 Studios Sponsors Unearthly Challenge

38 Studios is proud to announce our sponsorship of Unearthly Challenge, the new environmental art competition brought to you by the makers of the character-driven Dominance War series. In addition to the already-incredible prizes, we are offering up the “38 Studios Award” — $900 to an entry of our own choosing. Want to know more? Check out the 38 Studios and Unearthly Challenge websites.

Boston Post Mortem } October 2008

The October Boston Post Mortem meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 14 at The Skellig in Waltham. This month’s meeting is at 8:00PM instead of 7:00PM. The topic is Education for Game Development, and will include panel members from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MIT, and Boston University. More information can be found at the Boston Post Mortem website.

Lessons From WAR’s Launch

The development team for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning deserves a big congratulations. They managed to get the game to a very good state in time for launch, fixing major bugs like unattackable mobs and addressing detrimental combat annoyances like abilities not being ready yet. But, no launch is perfect, and so far I can see a few things we can learn for future MMO launches. Continue Reading »

Boston Post Mortem ` September 2008

This month’s Boston Post Mortem game developer meeting will be tomorrow, September 10, at The Skellig in Waltham. Jon Radoff of GamerDNA will be talking about “market trends in the game market that we’ve been able to observe by integrating data about gameplay across multiple game networks.” Be there before 7:00PM if you want free food and drinks!

Warhammer Online Credits

If you didn’t hear last week, Mythic is only including current employees in the credits for Warhammer Online. This is a terrible idea; everyone who worked on the game should get the credit they deserve. Sure, some of their work may have been completely removed from the game, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t help make the game. Jen MacLean commented on it at Gamasutra. Continue Reading »

48 Hours of Fury

Fury is closing down. It’s not a big surprise, but it’s still sad to see a game go both for the players who enjoyed it and for the developers who worked hard on the game. 48 hours is pretty short notice, but I guess it’s a bit like the band-aid theory (shut down the game as fast as possible and it will hurt less). The message from Auran after the jump (because they’re closing down the site). Continue Reading »

Boston Post Mortem < August 2008

Ever want to meet the man who invented the home video game console? You can! Ralph Baer is the very special guest speaker at tomorrow’s (that’s a Tuesday, NOT a Wednesday) Boston Post Mortem. It begins at 7:00PM on Tuesday, August 5 at The Skellig in Waltham, MA. Devs and non-devs are welcome. More info can be found here.