MMO Rant #13: Too Many MMOs

It seems like every damn week a new massively multiplayer game is announced. Sometimes they are seriously valid potential entries into the marketplace. Most of the time, the games aren’t even going to make it out the door or, if they do, they will be piles of junk. It seems like half of the new companies making an MMO were founded by “Blizzard superstars,” aka people who once consulted someone in overseas tech support about what to eat for dinner. It’s starting to melt my brain. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #12: The Grind

Why do I have to spend so much time and effort to progress? What’s with the repetitive, uninteresting gameplay? Why can’t they come up with anything but kill quests? Familiar words to many of you, I’m sure. I’ve read those words. I’ve said those words. Why does every MMO in existence have a grind? Why don’t they just get rid of it so I can get down to having fun? Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #11: Custom User Interfaces

“Holy crap, how on Earth could the Grouchy Gnome rant about Custom User Interfaces? They are God’s gift to gamers!” Yes, I did just quote exactly what was in your head when you read that title. I am a seer. Also, I love customizable interfaces. They are awesome. What isn’t awesome? Requiring a custom UI for base functionality I expect in every MMO ever. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #10: The Mid Game

I’ve played a lot of massively multiplayer games. I think my MMORPG play count is somewhere in the mid dozens at this point, ever creeping toward triple digits. Back in the day, I was willing and able to max characters out–I had the time and dedication to do so. I was willing to get through all of the mid levels and soldier to the end game. But, you know what? At this point in my life, I’m only playing through those levels if they don’t suck. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #9: “Better” Character Creation

I love making my character look unique. If you can identify me as “Blackguard” or “Luckbad” or any of the other characters I play immediately because you’re a friend of mine in a game, I am happy. Many games have professed to have better character creation than every else. Interestingly enough, ignorant people have agreed with them even though they are completely wrong. I will go on record today and say that I. Hate. Sliders. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #8: OMG, This Rat is So Much teh Uber

Have you ever played an MMO in which it was apparently determined to be okay to scatter rats, snakes, bears, boars, and wolves throughout every level range of the game? Perhaps the better question is, have you ever played a fantasy MMO in your entire life? If you have, then you know exactly what I’m talking about, and you may very well be as tired of this crap as I am. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #7: Quests Suck

I love quests. When they don’t suck. Unfortunately for people like me who like quests that don’t suck, most quests in MMOs totally suck. They are uncreative and are only worth doing because they break up a little bit of the monotony of grinding the same mobs over and over, even though the quests specifically task you to grind the same mobs over and over for only a tiny amount more experience than you’d get by grinding them without the quest. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #6: Why Learn from Others’ Mistakes…

… When I can make them myself?! Um, because you don’t deserve to be making games unless you learn from the mistakes of others. I’m tired of seeing mistakes repeatedly repeated. How many games have you played that had the same idiotic mistake that could have been avoided by looking at roughly any other game out there? Probably a few. Probably a bunch. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #5: The PvE End Game

Ah the massively multiplayer online end game. MMOEG. Yeah, it probably deserves that label. Why? Because so many games dramatically alter the gameplay landscape if you ever manage to get there. That consistent and fun experience you’ve been participating in for hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours, suddenly changes to something completely different. Often times, that experience not only changes dramatically, but it suddenly requires near-infinitely more dedication and time to hang with the crowd. I, for one, am tired of it. Continue Reading »

MMO Rant #4: Please Don’t Clone WoW (It’s Not Perfect!)

No, this is not a request for developers to stop trying to “beat” World of Warcraft, or even to stop making games that are a lot like WoW. Sure, I like seeing originality in games, and I don’t just want a prettier version of WoW, but there’s nothing wrong with improving upon what’s out there (see: World of Warcraft made a high quality, streamlined version of EverQuest). What I’m complaining about is the assumption that Blizzard has done just about everything right with WoW, simply because they have really impressive numbers. Continue Reading »