Oh, Hi There

Howdy! This site has been pretty broken for quite a while. I’ve managed to dig up most of the old posts but don’t have a great way of getting them working again.

I went ahead and pulled the MMO Development Lessons from 2008-2012 and reposted those. Nothing new here, but people used to like them so I put them back up.

The comments and a bunch of other things are still busted. I don’t know if/when I’ll have time to look into that. Sorry! Working on World of Warcraft at Blizzard has been great!

Nerfbat Got the Nerfbat

Ahoy! As you probably didn’t notice, the data from Nerfbat got super jacked. I have as yet been unable to retrieve all of the posts between 2008 and now, and might never recover them.

In any case, hello. This is my website, and it likely won’t be updated anytime soon.

Tales from the Tavern: Volume VI

There have been a lot of great discussions on the Nerfbat Forums. We’re up to 2523 posts and 253 members in our little MMO community. If you didn’t already know, the forums are intended for massively multiplayer online game discussion, especially related to design, development, and industry talk. Read on for some of the latest and greatest from the forums. Continue Reading »


Many of you already know about Bloginati, which is an aggregation of posts by MMO game developers. I was going to update it to match Nerfbat yesterday until I realized I didn’t want to make another logo. Instead, I integrated it as a page on Nerfbat, since it applies the theme just the same (and was already on the same server, so there’s no extra load). You can still reach it from Bloginati.com, it’ll just redirect here. I may try to get a feed of the aggregation working, but so far it’s formatted terribly. You can find links to the aggregated sites on the Links page. Anyway, enjoy!

The Future: Dreamhost, Donations, and a Podcast?

As you may have noticed over the past several months, I’ve become ridiculously dedicated to Nerfbat. I’ve posted consistently, relaunched the Nerfbat Forums, and redesigned the entire site. All of that has brought more visitors, which means that the site gets pretty busy sometimes and can slow down. Continue Reading »

Poll: How Much Would YOU Pay?

Inspired by the recent buzz about Warhammer Online possibly costing more than $15/month to play and a post by Nybling on the forums, I’ve created a poll asking how much you would pay to play. The scenario: Your favorite game of the moment–be that WoW, EQII, LotRO, or anything else–raises its monthly subscription rate. How much would you be willing to pay? Do you draw the line at the current standard of $15/month? Would you pay more if they made expansions free? Go to the forums and vote in the thread!

Okay, We Had Our Fun

It’s not often that I poke fun at people too directly here on Nerfbat, but the opportunity for cross-promotion was just too good for Moorgard and I to pass up. Our absurd bickering over the past day or so was completely fabricated and was intended to emulate the bickering between John Romero and Mike Wilson that occurred recently. I played the part of Romero, Danuser (a.k.a. Moorgard) played the part of Wilson. Continue Reading »

Tales from the Tavern: Volume V

The Tales from the Tavern series highlights great threads from the forums for those of you who don’t visit them frequently. While I’ve been working on the new Nerfbat theme and haven’t posted much of anything gaming-relevant on the site, the Nerfbat Forums have raged on with some great MMO discussion. Travel beyond the weir and enter the tavern for the latest tales… Continue Reading »

Danuser Posts Back

In George Oscar Bluth’s words: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Mr. Danuser needed to write a nice long letter to recount his version of the events surrounding both of our new themes and slam my personal life – way to go Steve! Reader manipulation at its saddest. It’s analogous to John Romero being called a “rockstar game developer” in the game industry’s media circus. Continue Reading »

Moortard’s Site Design

So, over at Moorgard.com he has a news item about his new WordPress theme. Once again, just like with his original site, Moorgard is taking all the credit away from the real web devs (me) and pasting his asinine footprint everywhere. In reality, I created the new theme with my blood, sweat, and tears (for I am the king of all developers). Continue Reading »