Welcome to the Redesigned Nerfbat!

It took more than a week to make, but you are now gazing upon the newly redesigned Nerfbat. The theme has two distinct styles: Light and Dark. The Light style uses a light background with dark text, and includes artwork from co-workers Scott Duquette and Billy Ahlswede. The Dark style uses a dark background with light text, and includes artwork from co-workers Joe Mirabello and Josh Singh. Visit the About section for links to the full images and their respective websites. Continue Reading »

Nerfbat Redesign Status

It’s coming along quite well. With input from oneplusone, OnyxRaven (who you might recognize as the other founder and current main guy for the various sites I used to run like EQII.com), and the guildies in #Eclipse, the new theme is almost complete. It’s looking really sleek and clean, and I even have an alternate version planned (which will most likely end up the main theme for Moorgard’s site). That said, I’d like to continue beta testing and won’t release it until it’s ready. If you want to chat or give me feedback during this testing period, head to the forums.

Nerfbat Redesign Imminent

It’s time. I made the current theme more than two years ago now, and it’s time to change the look and feel of the site. The new design will be cleaner, faster, and sexier. I’m most of the way done with the graphical design of it now, but haven’t chopped anything up into anything usable or started on any of the code. I’m probably starting with K2 as my framework since it’s stable, but I’ll change almost everything visually. Anyway, what this means for you is that I won’t be posting much, if at all, until I’m done with the new theme. I hope you like it. 🙂

Tales from the Tavern: Volume IV

Our little MMO community at the Nerfbat Forums continues to kick butt and take names. We’ve had a few new members join us over the past week, and a lot of great discussion has taken place. We’re now at 2181 total posts, 165 topics, and 202 members. Since I’m not one to actually give much of a darn about consistency, this post comes on a different day and with a different number of posts featured than normal (alright, there is no normal). Enjoy the round-up. Continue Reading »

Tales from the Tavern: Volume III

The grand reopening of the Nerfbat Forums has been going quite well so far. We’re now up to 182 members, 160 topics, and 2094 posts. The new default style is Swanky, which is more visually pleasing than the original (but still looks nothing like this site). It’s about time for a new Tales from the Tavern post, so here are the latest hot topics from our MMO discussion forums. Continue Reading »

Tales from the Tavern: Volume II

As the MMO discussion picks up on the Nerfbat Forums, I’ll be posting these quick round-ups more frequently. Tales from the Tavern is a series I started back in April 2006 and never did again, but that is about to change… because here’s the second one! This series is where I highlight popular threads in the forums that you may be interested in reading or voting on. Before getting to the meat, the current forum numbers are: 156 members, 156 topics, 2040 posts. Read on for the 6 most popular threads. Continue Reading »

The Nerfbat Forums are Back!

The Nerfbat Forums are back, my friends. Oh yes, they are back. What are the forums for? Talking about MMOs, MMO game design, and anything related to either one. There is a wonderful community of MMO bloggers and forum pontificators out there, but rarely do we directly communicate with each other (in a civilized manner). It’s like MUD-Dev, only updated for this millennium (yeah, I believe mailing lists are pretty much a thing of the past). Head on into the Nerfbat Forums and let’s start talking about MMOs. Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year everyone. It’s been quite a year for the old Grouchy ‘Ryan “Blackguard” Shwayder’ Gnome. In summary: I’ve posted more on Nerfbat this year than ever before. Work at 38 Studios is kicking ass and taking names. I got married to a really hot babe. Enjoy the holidays (even those ones that I don’t celebrate. There, that’s as politically correct as I go) and I’ll see you in the year two thousand… eight.

The 2007 Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards

Another year is coming to a close, which means it’s time for the second annual Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards, aka the Gnomeys. This year we saw a lot of new blogs coming to life, a lot of old blogs dying, and a lot of the same old blog jockeys up to the same old antics. Overall, I think it’s been a great year for MMO blogging–while we mostly covered the same old issues that we cover every year, there’s been a lot of insightful commentary, and every little bit of massively multiplayer news slips through no cracks, which I like. Continue on for the prestigious award winners. Continue Reading »

Nerfbat: Blogroll Destruction!

My blogroll is officially out of hand. So, I’ve decided to impose a few requirements for my sanity before a blog gets linked. A lot of people start a blog with a fervor and fizzle out pretty quick. First, it must be established for at least a year. Second, it must be updated relatively frequently. Third, it must contain a good chunk of MMO-related posts. Finally, the site must not suck. You’ll probably see a number of links disappear, then I’ll see if I can figure out how to order the categories. Sorry if your blog gets nuked, but my brain hurts. If you were wrongfully removed or fit those criteria and aren’t linked, email me.