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Postby kohs on Fri Nov 10, 2006 4:03 pm

the only thing you just said which makes any sense is:

Glazius wrote:Roleplay is something you do to interact with _other people_, not with a game engine!

this is exactly my point.
so remove all the blatant exposure of the game engine.
the numbers, which show the game engine's mechanics.

everything else you said seems to be based on assumptions, on your part, about what i'm talking about.
in other words, you're filling in the blanks of my brief concept sketches, which i've used in this thread, with mechanics or concepts which conflict with what i'm trying to accomplish.

whether you're doing that purposefully, in order to "prove me wrong", or you're just not imaginative enough to concieve of anything but a visible-numbers-based system, or we're just existing in two separate paradigms and are communicating on two different wavelengths, i don't know.

i dunno what else to say about the issue of numbers being visible, invisible, or non-existent.
"If the primary objective of the MMOG is to attract players who will subscribe to the game for extended periods of time, then if anything, today's online worlds are too simple." - Magnus Bergsson, CCP
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