Chocolate Covered Pepperoni Sushi Loaf Ice Cream a.k.a. Frankenstein

Chocolate Covered Pepperoni Sushi Loaf Ice Cream, heretofore referred to as CCPSLIC, is a combination of many delectable delights. The whole is more delicious than the sum of its parts. Can you just imagine all of those individual flavors combining to make the most beautiful dish you have ever heard of? Your nose will twitch with excitement at the wonderful aroma. Your taste buds will rejoice with glee at the wonderful taste. Continue Reading »

Nostalgia Blinders

Everyone who has ever played a massively multiplayer game gets nostalgic at times. Ah, remember that time when we all got naked and put on red capes then ran around like idiots for hours? How about when we all jumped off the side of the city to create a pile of lag-inducing bodies? What about when we fired arrows imperviously at mobs we shouldn’t be able to kill? We all have fond memories, and designers want to recreate them for other people. Continue Reading »

Tales from the Tavern: Volume II

As the MMO discussion picks up on the Nerfbat Forums, I’ll be posting these quick round-ups more frequently. Tales from the Tavern is a series I started back in April 2006 and never did again, but that is about to change… because here’s the second one! This series is where I highlight popular threads in the forums that you may be interested in reading or voting on. Before getting to the meat, the current forum numbers are: 156 members, 156 topics, 2040 posts. Read on for the 6 most popular threads. Continue Reading »

The Nerfbat Forums are Back!

The Nerfbat Forums are back, my friends. Oh yes, they are back. What are the forums for? Talking about MMOs, MMO game design, and anything related to either one. There is a wonderful community of MMO bloggers and forum pontificators out there, but rarely do we directly communicate with each other (in a civilized manner). It’s like MUD-Dev, only updated for this millennium (yeah, I believe mailing lists are pretty much a thing of the past). Head on into the Nerfbat Forums and let’s start talking about MMOs. Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year everyone. It’s been quite a year for the old Grouchy ‘Ryan “Blackguard” Shwayder’ Gnome. In summary: I’ve posted more on Nerfbat this year than ever before. Work at 38 Studios is kicking ass and taking names. I got married to a really hot babe. Enjoy the holidays (even those ones that I don’t celebrate. There, that’s as politically correct as I go) and I’ll see you in the year two thousand… eight.

The 2007 Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards

Another year is coming to a close, which means it’s time for the second annual Nerfbat MMO Blog Awards, aka the Gnomeys. This year we saw a lot of new blogs coming to life, a lot of old blogs dying, and a lot of the same old blog jockeys up to the same old antics. Overall, I think it’s been a great year for MMO blogging–while we mostly covered the same old issues that we cover every year, there’s been a lot of insightful commentary, and every little bit of massively multiplayer news slips through no cracks, which I like. Continue on for the prestigious award winners. Continue Reading »

Your Top 10 MMOs

A really fun thread to read over at Your Top 10 MMOs. The replies and reasons for why people rate games the way they do are pretty interesting. I only did my Top 5 because I couldn’t decide on the latter half, but here they are in order: Ultima Online, EverQuest, World of Warcraft, EverQuest II, EVE Online. My relatively brief reasons are in the thread, but basically: I gave precedence to the first two because they essentially created the genre, WoW and EQII got on there because they are both great, and EVE is on there because the dev team sticks to its guns and has something unique.

38 Studios Welcomes Mike Kosenski

Welcome to the next bit of new (old) blood here at 38 Studios. Mike Kosenski, aka Capo aka Koko (he comes bearing nicknames. Sucks to be him), will be our Vice President of Product Development, which basically means he’s making us even more efficient and productive and helping us make a higher quality game in less time with minimal overtime and will keep all of us motivated and working together and hitting milestones. I wish my job were so easy. Press release stuff after the break. Continue Reading »

MMO Predictions for 2008

More MMOs will be announced than are released in 2008. More MMOs will be canceled before coming out than actually do come out in 2008. More fantasy MMOs will be announced than sci-fi MMOs. More sci-fi MMOs will be announced in 2008 than 2007. One relatively major MMO will close its doors. One relatively major MMO will be pushed out of its slated 2008 release. EA or Actiblizzion will purchase either a major MMO studio or major MMO property. An MMO version of either A Song of Ice and Fire or Krondor will be announced. I will come up with at least one more way to shamelessly promote my blog. anyuzer will come back, briefly.

Why Fantasy MMOs?

How could so few words spark so much response? Because we all like talking about fantasy vs. sci-fi vs. western vs. modern vs. everything else. Why on Earth are there so many fantasy games, books, and movies? Why do we keep seeing new fantasy MMOs announced at a 2 to 1 ratio vs. all other genres? Well, there are already half a gazillion comments at Terra Nova about it, and Moorgard has some good insight into it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever really chimed in about why we make so many fantasy MMOs, but I guess it’s time for me to enlighten everyone beyond the break. Continue Reading »